Pearl Plaza

So we started one solitary day on 2011, with one goal in mind. TO MAKE THE AWESOMEST DRINKS ON EARTH. We set out to do things differently, to do things better. For one thing we use ultrapremium tea loose leaf tea leaves, and we only steep (NEVER BREW, EVER!). And we only use real flavorings, with as little preservatives as possible (our is only 0.01% while everyone elses range betwen 3-5% thats alot).

We like to think outside the box which is why we, SIP is the only milk tea shop in the WORLD to have the Cheesecake tea (made with 100% cream cheese, no fake stuff that comes out of a packet here, no, not us) and the Mesteazo (awesome little combo of green and black tea).

We only care about a few things. Family, you guys, our teas, quality, and service. The rest, well, we've learned that they sort themselves out.