green tea

There's a crap load of teas in the world. So how do you know which is good? Well you don't need to. We do. We use the best teas for milk teas possible (we have improved our teas several times since we first opened).

We use only two kinds of teas, green and black (we don't use oolong or tiguanyin simply because its not good cold, if you have had them hot you'll know what a waste it is to drink it cold). Our teas are TGFOP graded (which means tippy golden flowery orange pekoe, or the joke is too good for other people) and only the loose leaf kind (powdered tea are bad quality so they grind it instead of selling it as leaves). We also only use spring picked leaves (it is the freshest and best tasting as the winter months make the teas sweeter). How do we keep it the whole year? Well luckily tea has quite a shelf life in its dried form (it smells really good too, our storage facilities smell like a giant room of perfume, its nuts).

Our teas are steep at the optimum amount of time, at the optimum temperature (we have machines calibrated at different temperatures). Tea is like a fine woman, finicky, high maintenance, sensitive, but oh so worth it. And just as it takes a good guy to keep that woman happy, it takes expert hands to steep a perfect cup of tea. You can't make a great glass of milk tea if you start with crappy tea, its like putting make up on a pig. Its still a pig.


So what is steeping exactly? Well steeping is the process of leaving tea leaves in hot water and allow the tea to slowly release its flavors and goodness into the water creating a great cup of tea. Great tea takes time. It takes time to grow, to blossom, to steep. You can't force it but sticking it into an espresso machine (just like the name teapresso, that was forcing it. Its a pretty bad name). If you force tea, or anything for that matter it comes out badly and you basically ruined it. Ruined everybodys hard work, and that ain't cool (not to us anyway).

So to get great milk tea, you must start with a proper cup of tea and expert hands (in this case, thats us, oh yea!).