store design

Sip is one of the fastest growing drink shops in the Philippines. We are constantly innovating on store design, brand design, customer service, and most importantly product development.

When you join the family of SIP MILK TEA not only are you joining a structured business (which will save you lots of headaches), you will also enjoy the benefits of the R&D and design teams of SIP, and an almost cult like following of its customers. SIP, no doubt, has its own distinct characteristic and personality which sets it apart (way apart) from its competitors, enjoying a premium and sitting comfortably at the top.

Despite only starting in 2011, Sip has developed in a strong brand presence in the market (with many customers recognizing us simply by our mascot, or certain elements of our design). An extension brand was established in 2012, SIP apparel, which sells sip inspired tshirts, hats, and other mechandise (such as custom vinyl toys) both instore and online.

If you would like more information about how to join our growing family of stores. Please email us at